South Park: The Stick of Truth First Impressions


I just started South Park: The Stick of Truth on the PC recently and wanted to share some first impressions.  First of all, the reviews were right in that the game does deserve a 8-9/10 score.  The game has great presentation, a fun battle system, a hilarious story (so far) and will appeal to the fans of South Park.  The battle system is surprisingly challenging and fun, which I was not expecting in a South Park game.

As far as the game itself, they hit the nail on the head with how true it is to the show.  Not only are the graphics and voice overs identical to the show, but also the exploration and situations you encounter feel very on-par with the South Park series.  I don’t feel like I am playing just some game with South Park painted over top of it, but I feel like I am actually in a living, breathing, South Park world.  I am impressed.

To be honest, I can’t think of any other video game in the past where not only did it look like a show it was based off of, but also feels like that show.  I mean, some of the older games like Pokemon felt like you were living in the world if you used some imagination, but never before have I seen a game hit the nail on the head so well with both visual elements and story/interaction elements.  I can’t want to keep playing this one.


Black Desert Online

While doing some searching around online looking at MMO’s, I came across an interesting one named “Black Desert.”  It’s been in development since 2010, and while I know nothing about the game or the publisher yet, It looks very awesome.  It still may be some time yet until the game is ready to play in North America, but I will be all over it when it is available.  I hear they are talking with Sony on a possible PS4 release. 

Below is a video of the gameplay which in my opinion is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  The character animation and world graphics seem flawless and the lighting is very beautiful.