Living in Eorzea Part III

So you’ve got your character created, you’ve taken your first steps into town, and you’ve arranged your UI and graphics just the way you would have liked.  You’ve accepted your first quest and now you are ready to venture out into the world.

The first thing you want to do is turn in that first quest.  Not only can you not run away and never come back to your starting city without first turning that in, you also won’t be able to see or talk to any of the other players.  You’ll notice the world is eerily quiet – and that’s because the game hasn’t shoved you into the full world.  But don’t worry – you’ll get there in a minute.


The world is so empty – Where is everyone?

Turn in your first quest, and the guild master will have another quest available for you.  You’ll notice the icon over his or her head has changed to a “meteor” shape.  Those are the quests which drive the storyline, so you’ll want to do those when you see them – especially if you are stuck in the game and feel like there’s nothing left to do.  FFXIV is full of many quests.  Don’t worry about taking on all of them – you can cherry pick which ones you want to do and save the others for when you want to quickly level up another class later in the game.


Oh, there everyone is!

Right now take the meteor icon-quest from your guild master.  She will give you three objectives – talking to the guild of your starting class, touching the aetherite, and learning about the markets.  You’ll also notice that now you can see and talk to other players.  At this point you can completely blow off your training and run head first into the world as far as you can before you get clobbered by an angry wild hog, or you can stay in the city and do some quests and learn a bit more.


See these wonky things? You should go and touch all of them.

I suggest you go through these first few quests, while at the same time explore the city and attune yourself with the aetherites shown in you map.  See if you can find any other low – level quests to get you feet wet.  (For example, there are some quests that have you collect objects on the ground, or give /emotes to people).  It won’t be too long before you’re outside the city gates and slaying your first monsters, but all things in good time.  Right now enjoy learning the layout of the city, the shops, the items available, and how to access the things you need.  It will make things a lot easier later on.


Do you know where you can buy minions in town? If you take time to explore you’ll find out soon enough!

The most important thing to remember is to read what NPC’s have to say during your quests.  Also if this is your first rodeo, don’t skip over the help menu system.  There are sure a lot of players rushing to end-game without knowing what they are doing, then complaining that the game is too hard or too boring.  Well, you don’t want to be one of those people.  You want to enjoy this game and enjoy the writing and the music and the graphics and scenery and the fine details.  You, sir, are one of the elite and you will not fall into the trap of becoming one of the much hated elitists – errr something like that.