Living in Eorzea Part 1

Having spent the last several weeks going from level 1 to level 50 and spending much time exploring the world, our hero Uriah Nool is going to piece out information on his journeys and provide some helpful tips for new and old adventurers alike.  This is part one of his multiple part series: “Living in Eorzea”  Let us begin.

As any new adventurer starting out in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn the first thing you’re gonna want to to is build a character.


Any character will do, but I suggest you either pick a brave and heroic Lalafell like I did or a sexy female Miq’ote.  And you’re going to want to do this in the character creator by selecting “New Character” at the top of your menu.  In the character creator you can change many things.  Your height, hair style, eyes, face, voice, etc.  Even though there are no individual sliders to give yourself a wicked long nose and a huge gnarly overbite, the options are still pretty extensive.

Take some time to go over the different environments and gear set previews and make sure your character acts and moves and talks and dances like you’re hoping before finishing the appearance settings.  Now there are in-game items called “fantasia” that will bring you back to this screen and allow you to change all of your character model settings, but it may be a while before you can acquire one of these items, so for the time being you are who you are after completing this step.

After your appearance is all in order the next step is to pick your astral sign and guardian, which doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot in this game.  You might have slightly more fire resistance or slightly more wind resistance, but that’s about it.  I just put in my birthdate (third sun of the first astral moon) and picked whichever guardian I thought sounded good at the time.

After this, you’re going to pick your class.


When you pick your class there is an option to choose between the disciples of war or the disciples of magic.  Pay attention when picking this class.  This will determine your starting city and your overall first impressions/experience with the game.  Gridania has a woodsy feel to it, Ul’Dah has a desert feel, and Limsa Lominsa has a pirate feel.  While it is true that you can change your class at any time later on in the game, and eventually you will get to see all of these lands, it’ll take a while to get to that point, so make sure you pick something you are happy with starting out.

Even though some equipment looks awesome and bad ass for your character – remember each class also plays a role later on.  If you want to be a tank – pick either a marauder or a gladiator.  If you want to be a healer – pick conjurer or arcanist.  Thaumaturge, archer, and arcanist are for ranged damage, while pugalist and lancer are for up-close melee damage.  This may sound pretty straight forward, but if you’re coming from a game like TERA where lancers were the main tanks you’ll want to know it is different here.

Now each of these classes eventually will allow you to pick a job later on, which is a more defined role.  You’ll notice I mentioned arcanist twice earlier, that is because arcanist can either be a damage dealer (summoner) or a healer (scholar) later on in the game.  Jobs are just more specialized versions of your class.  For example if you are a conjurer you can later transition into the white mage job.  When you become white mage you gain more healing power and new abilities specific to a healer, but you also sacrifice being able to borrow skills from other classes.  Think of a class as something versatile for solo play, and a job as a more defined role for party play.  Also, don’t think about jobs right now, as you won’t see that until later in game.

So finally once you pick your class and know your starting city, your final step is to pick a world to play on.


They are divided up between Japan servers and NA/EU servers.  The closer your server group, the better response time you’ll have with battles and abilities as well as you’ll have people you can talk to who will be in your area.  If you live in Canada for example, you’ll have a better chance picking an NA/EU server than a Japanese server.  (Protip: I hear the NA/EU servers are hosted in Canada).  Now as far as picking a world, you either pick the one your friends are on or you pick a strange world.

When I first started playing FFXIV back in 2010, I picked Besaid because I liked the name (which was later turned into Balmung during the great server merge).  If you want to hang out with me, you can join the Balmung server.  If you want to play with anyone else, pick any other server.  At this point, it really doesn’t matter if you pick a legacy server or not.  When the game launched the legacy servers were all left over from players on 1.0 and the other servers were newly added for 2.0 (A Realm Reborn).  However, now that each server has players who have been through the story and collected all the items/gears and fought all the big battles – there really won’t be a difference.  So roll the dice, flip the coin, or close your eyes and pick whichever one you like best – then get ready for your adventure.


Oh, and give that guy a name.


IGN Video Revew Published

So it looks like IGN is the first big name in video game reviews to publish their take on FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. Unlike most games where the review can be published around the time the game launches, an online game is different. The full game experience can’t be had until after release and the servers are up and running. Combine that with the way an online MMORPG changes over time as patches come through, new content is added, and things are correct wit EXP distribution and the in-game economy, and it is quite a gamble to dive into a review too early.

It also seems like they were trying to cram a lot of content into such a short video, but t hen again FFXIV is packed with so much content it is difficult to cram it all into a review lasting under six minutes. 8.6 isn’t too bad of a score, and from what I’ve seen of other reviews the game is averaging between 8.5 and 9. I personally would give the game a 10, but I’m biased because i’ve become sort of a resident in FFXIV and appreciate it far more than what it is at face value.

Naoki Yoshida’s Emotional Closing Speech

Just wanted to put this video up now that the server issues are taken care of and we can get back into the spirit of FFXIV.

For those of you unawares, during the time of early access and the first week of launch, there was a lot of anger and frustration focused at FFXIV because of login issues – especially here in the NA/EU servers. As of Wednesday of this week the issues are corrected.

Before the corrections, whenever someone wanted to log in, they were lucky to get in once a day after trying for hours and hours. I for one was very frustrated on this. Not enough to quit the game or demand a refund, but enough that I knew what a great game was waiting for me underneath the login screen, and how frustrating it was not to be able to play.

Now that things are corrected everyone should be able to log in and play without issue. These past couple of days I’ve been enjoying meeting all my friends, working on my marauder class, finding all sorts of easter eggs in the game, grouping with FATE parties, unlocking GC ranks and gear, and going on dungeon runs.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this video with English subs and are able to be in that moment when the game was launched and that you can all log in and stat your journeys.