Thought You Should Know (repost from Reddit)

Recently on Reddit, as a followup to the latest Live Letter From the Producer, there have been some new developments on Phase 4 of beta and the launch of FFXIV to take note of.  Below is the list of items and my thoughts on them (in italics, of course).  If you want to read the full Reddit post with included pictures and comments, the link is here:
  • Phase 4 starts 17th/August and ends 19th/August.
    – Seems like a short time, but a lot can be seen/done in that time, so I am OK with this
  • Beta phase 3 players can start one day early on the 16th/August
  • Early access starts on the 24th/August, no down time between early access and launch.
  • Level cap is 20 in phase 4.
    – I read in the Live Letter Q&A that all content up to level 20 is the exact content that will be seen in the retail version of the game
  • Arcanist available in phase 4
    – Since I will be playing on Balmung (legacy server) I can imagine the arcanist guild being flooded with players during Phase 4.
  • Fishing profession available in phase 4
    – Haven’t seen any details/footage on fishing yet, but I can’t wait to try it out
  • Coliseum PVP will be in phase 4
    – I’d probably watch PVP from the audience, but I don’t consider myself much of a participant.  However, sound exciting!
  • Scholar confirmed to be healer role
  • Payment options Crysta, credit card, 30 day and 60 day game cards confirmed
    – I was surprised and excited to hear about this option.  Nothing like going to a game shop and picking up a time card and saving it until it is needed, or getting one as a gift.  Nice to know I can take a break from the game for a few months and then add more time when I know I can play again.
  • Fee based world transfer service confirmed (available 2-3 weeks from launch)
  • Free smartphone apps confirmed. Shows character stats, all abilities, quests, crafting materials, and basically all information about the game. Available 1 week after launch for iOS and 3-4 weeks after launch for Android.
  • No item transfer between same account and same server available.
    – Said to be a deterrent from RMT farming, which is why it isn’t available.  With the number of RMT’s running around in 1.0, I am fully behind this decision.  Unlike other games, characters are free to change their class/appearance whenever they want, so there shouldn’t be a need for so many characters on an account regardless.
  • Barber shop not available at launch, In the barber shop you can change hairstyle, hair colour, face tattoo, face paint, face paint colour and beard.
  • Seasonal events confirmed (Xmas & new years confirmed so far), with season-themed gear obtainable
  • Snowman gear confirmed
  • Fire resistant swimsuit gear confirmed
  • New Eorzea 2013 Collection Video
    – Haven’t found a link for this yet, but we should see it on the site soon  EDIT:  Here you all go:
  • Phase 4 data will not be wiped unless a game breaking bug is discovered.
  • Crystal Tower 24 man raid confirmed (not available at launch)
  • Primals finishing moves confirmed to be changing
  • No /tell allowed in raids.
    – It was said the option is available, but disabled to prevent players from harassing each other if a dungeon did not go well and/or distracting them from the battle.  Knowing today’s gaming community, I agree with this decision.
  • Duty finder to be expanded over time.
  • Extreme difficulty setting confirmed for primals and dungeons
    – I am a bit intimidated by extreme difficulty fights, but maybe I’ll get the hang of them over time.  I am more of a casual player.
  • Unicorn Mount confirmed for white mage
    Yes, it looks horrible and stupid. 
  • Other unique mounts for different jobs available
    – Hopefully they don’t look as horrible and stupid.  I was fine with just chocobos and magitek armor variants.  All these mounts are silly.
  • Character gender and race effects mount sitting pose
  • Leviathan confirmed
  • Free companies earn points when members complete quests
    – Nice!
  • EXP bonuses and other bonuses confirmed for free company members
  • Mob themed furniture for player housing confirmed
  • Marriage system confirmed
    – Does an MMORPG need marriage?  Nope.
  • Molbol battle confirmed
  • Darklight armour for WHM confirmed
  • Player housing not reliant on GC city, houses can be in any city
  • Job quests can be completed solo
    – I am OK with this.  I hated having to find a party every time I wanted to finish the job training and get the gears.
  • After launch (patch 2.1) there will be better rewards for those who choose to join random dungeon in duty finder
  • Re-roll status points confirmed
    – I hear it won’t be an easy thing to do, but it will be an option.
  • Addon support coming 6 months after launch
  • GC based PVP confirmed. 4v4, 8v8 confirmed
  • The crater left by dalamud coming down is used as the coliseum
  • FFXIV Welcome Back Campaign for 1.0 players – can play for free from August 27th until September 9th.
  • Veteran Rewards Program.  Bonuses granted depending on how long you subscribe to A Realm Reborn starting at launch. Bonuses such as items, mounts and character remake ticket.

ImageSo as you can see, a lot of changes have been announced and a lot of plans are being made for launch and the days to follow.  Looks like the FFXIV is taking a gamble on some new elements not seen before in an MMORPG as well as trying to cater to the current MMORPG option with some more familiar features.  Don’t forget though, even though all these cool, new, and interesting items are available, the look and feel of the world is still up to the players.  If you don’t like something, don’t do it.  If you want something changed, talk about it intelligently and see if the community agrees and have your voice heard.  1.0 was full of things that didn’t impress players.  2.0 is full of things that are aimed at impressing players.  Hopefully the changes we see here will be for the good.  Don’t expect the game to be perfect out of the box, but expect it to be very nice and full of potential that will be unlocked over time.


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