It’s Over 9000!!!!!

ImageSo I assume everyone is trying out the new benchmark (character creation) benchmark, right?  Here is the link:

As you can see above, my score was over 9000 on max settings.  Sure, some of you will gloat your famous victory computers gave you over 15,000 in the benchmark.  Sure, some of you will be jealous only pulling out 2-3K.  But I feel I am ready for this game and all SE has been throwing our way so I am happy with these results.

The first time I did this benchmark, I was confused and unimpressed.  I did the character creator and made my Uriah Nool lalafell and put him in some heavily clad armor and launched the benchmark (hoping for some new maps or visuals or something).  But when I ran the benchmark, It looked like the same one from before, so I wasn’t happy.  I felt as thought they just tacked on a character creator onto the same benchmark program.

Then I saw what I did wrong.  Since my lalafell was clad in heavy armor, I couldn’t tell where the character creation fit into the benchmark.  Seeing that my created character should have been displayed in the cutscenes, I decided to take off the heavy armor and check again.  And there he was – Uriah Nool in all my glory taking down the mobs in the dungeons and riding around on chocobos in my hero party.  Ah, what a feeling!

And what’s also cool is that the character creation part of this benchmark saves that data, so eager players awaiting their first day in-game can create their character ahead of time, and have no fiddling around before diving into the game.  I’ve seen a lot of posts in the beta forums asking players to rate their characters and help with their decisions.

I for one have made my own new character, however I am not sure how he will fit into my gameplay as each new character takes time to grow and collect items and learn and travel with others.


Will this little fellow be seeing more time in the game than Uriah Nool himself?  Will he become Uriah Nool?  Only time will tell.


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