FATE system described. (Eng. Sub)

Just wanted to share this new video explaining the FATE system that looks like what we’ll see once the full game is released. I also appreciated how detailed and beautiful the game looked running this video on 1080P. Looks like the level sync is implemented too. I can expect when the game is released this is similar to how the final gameplay will look and feel. Great window into FFXIV 2.0!


2 thoughts on “FATE system described. (Eng. Sub)

  1. I have to say this feature is a very welcome addition to the game. I’ve enjoyed the public group event systems in Rift and Guild Wars 2. Glad to see that level sync is in there as well, Rift added something similar eventually but it was too late to prevent the culture of “high level friend one shots encounter for me” on the server I played on. Let’s hope the FFXIV community and gameplay experience discourage this kind of behaviour!

  2. In Beta Phase 2 there wasn’t a level sync, so it was very annoying to have all these FATE battles come up that I didn’t get any decent rewards for, and there were many times I couldn’t participate before the mobs were gone. I’m hoping these new changes will balance things out – and with a more open world there won’t be so much competition as there was when everyone was confined to Gridania.

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