E3 Updates 2013


So, since I am unemployed I figured I would bring to my blog some updates on what I am learning from FFXIV ARR at E3 through the magic of television and the internet.  While i’m sure most of you can find your information even faster while browsing the online forums, Reddit, FFXIV’s Twitter page, or turning on the E3 events for yourself, i’m sure you admire this blog for my witty comments and personal opinions, right?  …right?

So anyway, check out the new trailer:



My first thought was: WOW.  They finally got a trailer done right for once, and it’s composed of completely new scenes and information.  I am so jealous of everyone at E3 who is able to see this streaming as they walk by, but I am also proud of the work put into promoting FFXIV at E3 and how promising the title looks.  The graphics, the cut scenes, the story, the battles, the sound effects, the lore (all the tasty lore) this looks like it will be one hell of a game – and watching this trailer – it was better to me then when I was a kid anxiously awaiting Christmas.

One thing I really was surprised about in the trailer was the voice acting.  There were some hit or miss voices, but for the most part I was satisfied.  When playing TERA, the cut scenes and voices seem very poor and out of place with the rest of the game.  I like how in XIV they use the same character models and tones as there are in-game to make it feel like a flawless transition between story and game play.  Merlwyb sounded exactly how I thought she would, and the same goes for the Ifrit and Guarda primals and Cid sounds fine.  Gaius (the main bad guy) sounds kind of lacking in his voice and I’m sure some lesser characters will sound comical but for the most part I was pleased.

I know this next coming year there is going to be a lot of competition between Playstation, PC, and Xbox platforms as well as competing in the MMO market with so many nice games out there now for PC, and the threat of The Elder Scrolls Online (coming to PC, Xbone, and PS4) and people are going to be strapped for time and cash.  It was good to see that at least FFXIV went in with a strong voice and looks like it will be able to hold its weight in this up and coming market.

Up until I heard TESO is going to be on consoles as well as PC, I was proud of the little fact that Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI were the only two popular MMO’s on game consoles and SE would have an untapped market in their pocket.  Now that untapped market won’t stay untapped for long.  It is nice to know we have more options as gamers though, so I can’t complain.  I for one am interested in TESO, but am worried it might suck.

ImagePeople are going to be saving a lot of money at the end of this year and into next year on upgrading their systems and game library.  There are many strong titles coming out, and while there is no perfect timing to launch any game, it is almost unfortunate that FFXIV had to come out in late summer when people are looking forward to launch on new systems and games.  Will people feel they can afford to drop some extra cash in the three months prior to the release of the new systems and games?  Will they want to pay for subscriptions at a time where they’re strapped for cash?  Who can say?  I think FFXIV’s glory days will come after the new year and after people settle down.  But the good news for FFXIV and other MMO’s is that their value doesn’t go down over time, it only goes up as new features are added and the community grows.  I can’t wait to take this next journey, and I hope FFXIV is around for a long time.  🙂


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