Fun Times in TERA


I think I finally found my niche in TERA.  I found a very nice and helpful guild that I enjoy playing with and I found a good class – a berserker Popori. So far this class/race combination has given me a very fun experience with the battle system and I feel I am finally playing TERA the way it was recommended.  That combined with my past experience with the game has allowed me to settle on this for the long run.

Before I go into how my experience with the new class/race combo is going I just wanted to reiterate my idea that a good guild makes or breaks a game for me.  When you have people who are online, who care about the game, who can answer your questions, who you can joke around with, who know each other, and who count on each other – that’s when the game really starts to pick up.  For the longest time in TERA (and any other game) I’ve been having a hard time finding that right group.  For the first few days things might be OK, but then either people will stop logging in, or they will be too busy, or they will leave the guild altogether or cause drama.  There’s got to be that constant handful of players who are always online and willing to talk.  But it also sucks to have a guild with too many people always on because you’ll never know who is who or what is going on.  I am happy to say I found such a guild in TERA and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Thank you Sanctuary guild.

When picking the race, I had to make sure I found one I was comfortable with.  I’ve tried several races, but the best one to me is Popori.  I found that i have the best experience in an MMO when I can be a “cute” or “comical” race, which is why I stuck with Lalafel in FFXIV.  I dunno, I guess in real life I try and be the light-hearted and funny guy to cheer everyone up, so that persona transfers over well in an MMO as one of these races.  That’s probably another reason why I can’t get into GW2 as much – nothing seems to be cute enough and everything is taken too seriously in gameplay.

Prior to selecting a berserker Popori, I was a sorcerer Popori. In FFXIV, I was at my best when I was a black mage doing nuke spells, so for the longest time playing a class that was in the throws of action seemed like a challenge I was not up for.  I’ve tried redoing sorcerer, changing my race, and getting tips from other players, yet it still didn’t seem to be too much fun.  Once I was level 30 on my sorcerer and had enough experience in the gameplay under my belt, I decided I would give the axe a few swings, and I must say it is quite fun.

When I played sorcerer, it seemed to me that battle was all about “fight these mobs until they are easy, move to another area and fight them until they are easy”, and so on and such.  Which was annoying.  My spells (especially fireball) seemed to pick a little HP off at a time, and never seemed to be stronger.  Each time I fought a mob it took about a dozen hits, and they always came straight towards me. As a sorcerer my goal was not to be hit so it was a constant “keep away” strategy.  I could never keep away fast enough as every spell meant I had to stand still to cast.  Needless to say combat was limited to one or two mobs at a time as I had light armor and died easily.  I didn’t feel all too powerful and I felt more like a coward and useless in fights.

Oh, but now that I am a berserker, battle is fun and I feel like a hero.  First off I get to wear heavy armor, and not some cheap light armor suit.  This means I can stay in a fight.  And that axe – it is so powerful and has wide swings.  I feel like I can actually take on a group of mobs and time my attack strategy in the right ways to stay in the battle.  I don’t have as many skills as sorcerer, but there is a skill for every situation I need to have one for.  I have a skill that knocks enemies down to the ground and stuns them briefly, an attack that does a wide sweeping circle that kills the smaller mobs, and another skill that drains HP from the enemy so I can continue my onslaught of attacks.  I also have a block skill, which comes in handy for bigger fights when I can see an attack coming.

ImageOverall, while berserker is slow – it hits pretty damn hard and does not feel like it has any weakness in fights.  Feels like now I can enjoy the game play and focus on the content of the game and the other members in the guild and not so much on confusion as to why I am not a good player and why I dislike the game.  There is still a lot to explore in the game, and now that it is fun I can take more of it in.  I can’t wait to get back to my black mage on FFXIV of course, but I’ve still got a few months to wait on that, and who’s to say I won’t be stopping back into TERA to brag about how cool it is, and how much I still miss being my berserker?  🙂


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