What I don’t like about Guild Wars 2

I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 for a long while now, and I feel that time I put into the game along with the money I’ve sank into the game over the past few months entitles me to have a little more of an opinion on this game than I’ve had in the past.  Up until recently I had nothing but good things to say about this game.  The graphics are nice, the environments are well made, the questing system is fresh and innovative, the crafting/gathering system is OK, and the community is fine.  But even though this game has all these great and wonderful things about it, I’m just not that into it anymore.

The first thing that bothers me is the story in GW2.  Yes, there is a story.  It is voiced over well and has cut scenes and a path to follow.  But the story is boring and lifeless and really isn’t all that immersive.  I’ve played on three different characters with different story lines, and none of them are very interesting or memorable.  It really shows that the stories were made somewhat similar to each other.  Where in one storyline your sister was kidnapped by a group of bandits and you have to go rescue her, in another storyline your prized invention was stolen by a group of thugs and you have to go recover it.  The dialogue is different, but the goals are essentially the same.

Secondly something that bothers me is the questing in GW2.  Yes, it isn’t the same old “go fetch this,” and “go kill x mobs” quests from other MMORPGs, but over time it still feels repetitive and worn out.  There are random events throughout travels instead of NPC quests, but the game areas cycle through the same events over and over, and they all are based off of killing some mobs, gathering items, or escorting a caravan.  There is still an NPC you can talk to to get a reward after the quests.  That same tired questing system from other games does rear its ugly head after a while.  And once you’ve seen all the random events there is to see in an area, and then notice they all kind of follow similar timers and cycle through over and over – the game kind of loses its luster.

Exploration is another thing that was awesome when I first started the game, but then it has gotten tired and worn out.  When I unlocked the first map to 100%, it felt like fun.  The second map was also fun.  The third map was OK.  But after unlocking my fourth map I really got tired of unlocking maps.  Each map has some points of interest, waypoints (teleport locations), and other spots (already marked on the map) that you have to travel to in order to get 100% unlocked.  A good system until you realize that for every character you make, the maps need to be unlocked again.  So if you work hard and get five maps unlocked but want to play as a different class, you gotta go back and redo all the events and fights and exploration again.  Yeesh.

I’m finding the social aspects of the game to be a bit lacking as well.  I am used to the world chat in other game being full of people talking and cracking jokes and asking questions and asking for help and having a good time.  In GW2, things stay pretty quiet.  In the main starting areas, there seems to be more traffic, but even then their busiest chatting is comparable to a fairly quiet area on other MMORPGs.  That’s one thing I never liked about GW2 from the beginning – how quiet everyone seems – even on a “very high” population server.  I still have a lot of questions about this game and still want to have fun.  It isn’t easy to do when there isn’t anyone around to talk to.

ImageBut, I can’t just give up on the game either.  I like having a social outlet for gaming, and I can’t stand a lot of the elements in other MMORPGs such as TERA, FFXI, RIFT, WOW, SWTOR, and others.  While I like to toy with the idea of going back to one of them just to get out of my GW2 rut, I know i’ll get mad and ragequit at their lack of stories, poor graphics, mob AI, crafting systems, or something else.  GW2 is still the best of what is out there, and I’m sure eventually i’ll get into the swing of the game if I give it more time and find a guild that’s right for me.  Right now though, I’m just not fitting in, and if I don’t fit in and become one with the game, my mind will start to reject it like a bad kidney transplant.

I can’t wait for FFXIV to finally come out so I can get into something good again.


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