Phase 3 is on the Horizon

Wouldn’t you know it?  Beta Phase 3 is scheduled for sometime in early June, so we’re gonna have a month of waiting and wondering what is in store.  What I can’t wait for is basically everything that will be offered during phase 3 (and of course the NDA lift so I can freely talk about how I feel on things).  Seems like most everything we’ve heard about in the development team’s blogs and videos and interviews will drop at that point, and we’ll be able to get a good feel on the final game.  I’ve heard a lot of comments on the forums that things need worked on or should be different, and the all too common response would be “wait for phase 3 before making a judgement.”  So finding out what changes are going to be seen in phase 3 ads a lot of anticipation into the air.

What irks me though is that during phase 1 and 2 of beta, there hasn’t been a lot of drastic changes made from what what offered in Alpha.  Most of the game’s content (UI, classes, items, maps, mobs) won’t be available until phase 3-4, and it seems like beta phases 1 and 2 were mostly just thrown out there as a sandbox for us kids to play in so we didn’t get too fussy.  Seems like every element I’ve seen in phases 1 and 2 will have some changes and tweaks implemented come phase 3 – so I feel the real beta testing won’t happen until then and the rest was all fluff.

What also irks me is that I’ve been unemployed since November when 1.0 went down, and at that time we were under the impression 2.0 would be ready by end of December or late January, so waiting this long and having all this free time that can’t be used to get that beginner’s edge in FFXIV is a bit upsetting.  When 1.0 came out, I was also unemployed I believe so I had those first few months after launch to play every day and get to know a lot of people on my server which made the game very enjoyable.

So in my meantime I’ve been taking to Minecraft, which is a type of MMORPG in a way.  I would keep up at GW2, but I took the mistake in GW2 to switch to Piken Square, which is hosted out of Europe and everyone is asleep when I want to play.  It will cost 20 bucks of real life money to afford a server change back to the United States, and I don’t have money for that kind of commitment right now (unemployed and all).

One of my favorite things to do in Minecraft is make some TNT and blow up houses.  People who made the houses wouldn’t agree so much.  But I figure if I wanted to keep my stuff protected from griefers like me, I would either hide it, or join a server where there is protection from such things.  I don’t do hacks or anything special.  I just explore the far corners of the map looking for interesting points of interest.  And let’s face it, most people join a server, build for a few day, get bored, and leave their stuff where it is at never to return.  I don’t know many people who would think it smart to join a server without protection, and plan to stay there for a long time and leave their stuff out in the open.  That’s just my opinion.  I consider it treasure hunting when I am on the prowl for houses that aren’t protected.  I like to see all the nice things people have found or made.

Right now I’m playing on a server that is over 50K blocks in either direction from spawn, so there are plenty of places to venture off into and hide away from people.  I like this server because I know I can grief others, but they are also free to grief me if they find my cleverly hidden house.  Because the server’s owners specifically state you are free to do whatever you want in the game, and it doesn’t have any plugins or rules, everyone has to be smart while playing.  Many people come and go on the server and it stays pretty busy, so there is always that wonder what someone might have built over the next hill.

ImageAnyway, I just wanted to check into the blog and share some thoughts on what I’ve been up to lately.  Not too much going on in the world of online gaming while I am waiting for 2.0 to drop.  We’ll see in the next month or two what FFXIV will have to offer and if all the hype pans out to a great game.  I think it will.  They’re scheduling a summer release, so that means probably at the end of July we’ll see it available.  I for one hope there are new bikinis to look at.


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