Beta Phase 2 Blues

Beta phase 2 is going on in FFXIV ARR right now as I write this, but I am not participating.  I am not the only one either, many people fro phase 1 are not logging in as much on phase 2, which frees up room for more new testers to come on board.  It is essentially the same content from phase 1, but now with game pad support.  I do not have a game pad, so to me it is exactly the same.  (Well, a few changes but nothing substantial).  Since there are many mechanics and areas that will not be implemented until phase 3, and all our progress in phase 2 will be wiped, I think I will wait on diving back in and doing more testing.

Now, to be honest, I didn’t reach the level cap in beta, and I haven’t done absolutely everything on every job or go into every dungeon, but I did get to a point where I don’t want to go any further on my characters.  I know some players were very hardcore when it came to beta, and they wanted to get to the end as fast as they can and get to the max gear and take down the biggest baddest bosses they can find.  I am not one of these people.  I usually play until things get too tedious for the day or lose my attention, then I move on to other things.  I know eventually if I keep working at something it’ll add up over time and I’ll look back on my progress and be proud.

In version 1.0, for example, I knew quite a few people who were trying to get to level 50 on all of their classes and earn those achievements.  I was not one of these people.  I liked the idea of having everything at 50 and earning that fancy crown item. I’m sure eventually I would have gotten there, but I wasn’t able to focus on it enough.  I had my two magic classes to 50 and PLD of course for variety, but that was it.  No high-rank crafting or gathering classes.  I’d spend an hour mining and then get very bored with mining and switch over to my Jeweler class, and then get tired of Jeweling and switch to Culinary, and then get bored after making some recipes and try out Fishing – and then I’d think how cool I would look as a Marauder lalafel so I’d swap out all my gear to try that for a few levels.  I ended up having a whole hodgepodge of classes at different levels and always no money.  Oh how I wish I had money.

One thing I never skimped on were the events in-game and the special items as they were released through patches.  The summer festival, the new years, the holiday events, the egg hunting – I would always log in and collect those items.  I still have my lunar summer top and bottom from the first summer event and my Santa suit from the first Christmas.  I have my gobbule mount and my chocobo and my chocobo armor and my grand company gear.  I have the full job sets of WHM, BLM, PLD – all of which are awesome.  I’ve explored many areas and seen many strange and wonderful sights.

ImagePerhaps that is why I don’t want to log into phase 2 beta.  So many memories and collectables and achievements and friends were left back on my old server on my old character.  Everyone in beta is a stranger, using a fake name, and all items are limited and areas to explore are limited.  I can only live as a shadow of my former self with strangers for so long before I miss that feeling of being home – being myself again with the people I remember, the places I am familiar with, and the things I had.  I miss Limsa Lominsa, and I miss Ul’dah.  I never spent much time in Gridania in 1.0, and while it is a nice and interesting place to see in beta, it isn’t where I belong.


2 thoughts on “Beta Phase 2 Blues

  1. ARR won’t be the same as FFXI, but it is still a final fantasy title and with the changes being made I think it will be a good transition for people looking to move up from FFXI to something more modern. They are working hard to add more content like a housing system and chocobo breeding and a good crafting/market system. A large portion of their player base either has been playing FFXI or will be expected to come from FFXI, and I’m sure since it is still very popular and their fans are very loyal, they don’t want to alienate that audience going into the future.

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