Boring Quests and Being Social in WOW

So it’s been about a week now since I joined WOW.  I’ve gotten to level 30 and have just finished exploring Duskwood.  Just finished what seems like my millionth quest.  Just upgraded my gear yet again.  And throughout it all I’ve felt pretty alone.  And it’s this loneliness combined with the countless quests that I am going to rant about today.

Being alone is nothing new for me.  Most games I have are offline and I am the lone hero in the game.  And I enjoy that most times.  I like being able to do things myself and not have to rely on other players to be ready, or looking for a group.  I like it when the difficulty is geared to something I can do by myself.  However, I am finding no locations that have any activity going on in WOW.  Seems like everywhere I am going it is the same deal with just me and a bunch of varied lonely environments filled with mobs.  Mobs and quests.  Which is great – except there is nobody to go with me.  All the quests are nice, but they’re all solo.  Unless I have someone at the same point in the game as me in the same map doing the same quests (which only take about 10 minutes to clear and can’t be repeated) – there really isn’t going to be someone who wants to join up and do the same things as me. 

And the quests – dear god am I sick of the quests.  I thought over time they would get more interesting, but here I am at level 30 still doing the “Kill 10 mobs,” “Talk to this NPC,” “Deliver this item” quests.  I’m not finding any stories that are interesting either.  So far my last chain quests have gone like this:

NPC: “OMG!  Our town is being harassed.  Go kill 10 monsters!”

NPC: “Thanks for killing 10 monsters.  Now go kill 10 slightly uglier monsters!”

NPC: “OMG!  The monsters had a leader?!  Go kill that leader!”

NPC: “Wow, thanks.  You saved us.  Go talk to this guy!”

That Guy: “OMG!  I lost my shoe!  Go get it by killing 10 monsters!”


And this is everywhere I go.  Seems like every area is the same problems and the same quests, just different shaped NPC’s and different shaped monsters.  Right now I am coming out of Duskwood with night-themed areas with ghosts and werewolves and I am in Loch Modan with grasslands and woodland-themes mobs.  I saw a snow area with yetti-type mobs and caves with spider-type mobs.  Don’t get me wrong, the environments are beautiful and the mobs are very fitting to the location – but just changing the scenery while keeping the same mechanics underneath gets to be a bit tiring.  The NPC’s aren’t all that dynamic either, so I am having a hard time talking to them and deciding I care enough to do their little quest.  The reward has to be worth the effort.

What I did like about FFXIV was that they had a lot of repeatable quests in the form of levequests.  I could look for a party in my level range, get together, and then we could all get the same quests and go and do them as a group.  There was also a greater sense of community in XIV because we had to go to town all the time in order to get our business done.  To get new quests, to complete parts of a storyline, to buy or sell items, to meet up or start crafting or do item repairs – everything was done out of the main city.  When I go to Stormwind in WOW, I feel like the streets are pretty deserted, or people are only staying for a short while.  I feel like town is dead – and that makes it really hard to make a connection with the community on my server.

ImageThat being said, my next objective isn’t going to be trying to reach max level by doing more and more annoying quests.  I am going to try and be social.  I want to meet people outside of dungeon raids that I can talk to in the coming days or weeks on a consistent basis.  I just joined a new guild, so I will see if any of them have any advice for me as to what I should do or how I can find groups or what I can work on to make the experience a little more involving than it is for me right now. I know there has to be more to do, but I just reached that point in the game where I have to find it now.  I understand the mechanics fine, and the mechanics work well.  But it’s what to do next that is going to be my challenge.


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